1st nomination Next-generation geopo, growing up to defense… The potential is finally bursting

The KIA Tigers sent two pitchers to the Hanwha Eagles to bring infielder Byun Woo-hyuk (23) after last season. The will to strengthen the corner infield defense was that great. It was expected that it would play the role of a ‘next-generation giant cannon’ if synergy was achieved with its mid-to-long range hitting ability. However, the key was when he would adapt to the team after joining Hanwha as the first nomination for the 2019 rookie draft.

With his first season at KIA approaching, Byun Woo-hyuk seems to be quickly meeting the expectations of such a team. He is showing further growth not only in hitting, which is his strength, but also in defense. In the match against the Gwangju Doosan Bears on the 19th,토토사이트 he contributed to the team’s 8-1 victory by hitting a double hit directly into the left-middle fence and then a wedge two-run four. Although it was an exhibition game, I was able to recharge his confidence to the fullest while watching his hands.

Byun Woo-hyuk looked back on the moment of the home run, saying, “I was aiming for the outside course slider, but a misfire came in the middle of the body.” In the previous at-bat, he hit Doosan starter Choi Seung-yong with a direct hit double in the middle of the fence. I think the timing was right,” he recalled. Regarding the defense that day, he said, “I am practicing a lot with defensive coach Park Ki-nam and how to match the bounds of the batted ball. Even today, the ball I was thinking about in advance came as it was, so I think it went well.”

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk classifies Byun Woo-hyuk as a multi-resource. He drew attention to his defensive ability to be responsible for third base as well as first base. With Hwang Dae-in at first base, Ryu Ji-hyeok and Kim Do-young at third base holding out, Byeon Woo-hyuk is highly likely to be appointed depending on the situation.

When asked which position is more comfortable between 1st and 3rd base, Byun Woo-hyuk said, “It’s something I hear every day, but since I’ve played a lot in the game, I think 1st base is more comfortable now.” I did, but now I think about the next play in advance and prepare for the batted ball, and it seems to be done well during the game.” He also said, “At the beginning of the camp, the lower body movements were not properly performed, but as the batted ball came little by little while playing the demonstration game after passing the second camp in Japan, it seems that I am gradually getting more room.”

The new uniform is no longer awkward. Byun Woo-hyuk said, “Maybe it’s because the first game of the demonstration game was a home game, so I was able to perform better while receiving support from the fans. I feel comfortable (at the home stadium).” Expectations of KIA, which has obtained another ‘next-generation gun’, are growing.

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