88, New Seoul, etc. ‘Yongin 8th School District’ golf memberships all rebound

While the average price of memberships in the central region has turned to a rebound, the market price of memberships in the southern region is expected to continue for a while.

According to the Dong-A Membership Exchange on the 17th, the average price of 100 major membership cards traded across the country was 메이저사이트 221.05 million won, up 0.14% from last week. By price range, 0.08% for the high-end, 0.66% for the high-end, 0.14% for the mid-price, and 0.55% for the low-end.

Currently, the price of golf memberships has risen slightly, but the range of fluctuation is extremely small. The downward trend of membership, which began in mid-September, turned to a rebound in December.

Since the end of November, orders to buy the winter trough have flowed in, and most of the stocks at the lowest point have been digested. The selling mood is also turning to ‘let’s see for now’ and collecting the sale. The buying trend is also cautious, so the industry’s analysis is that the rise will not be large for the time being and that buying inquiries will increase amid the differentiated market by stock.

In particular, the change in the market price of membership in the central region, which has a geographical advantage, is noticeable. The average market price in the central region was 249.59 million won, up 0.37% from last week. Among the major golf courses, Yongin 8th school district items such as 88, New Seoul, and Giheung showed an upward trend, rebounding all at once due to the influx of buying.

88 rose 1.8% from the previous week to 225 million won, New Seoul rose 8.1% to 285 million won, and Taekwang rose 1.4% to 138 million won. New Korea in the Gangbuk area also showed a 9.4% increase to 160 million won due to an influx of buying after trading at the low point.

Most of the female stocks, which had a large decline, also showed a rebound. Most of the stocks have turned upside down, and the selling price has risen.

In contrast, in the southern membership market, the wait-and-see trend is increasing. The average market price in the southern region was 147.21 million won, down 0.81% from the previous week.

In particular, the price of Ulsan plummeted as member benefits changed. It fell 5% as trading coincided with the buy-trough. Changwon also recorded 130 million won, down 3.9%, as sales inquiries increased, but purchase orders decreased. Bayside and Bora, which are high-end memberships, are also appearing for sale, but the sale is not resolved, recording KRW 600 million and KRW 580 million, down 11.7% and 6.9%, respectively.

Lee Yoon-hee, head of the Dong-A Membership Team, analyzed, “In the southern membership market, inquiries about the timing of selling and buying are increasing.”

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