President Yoon, who said “I don’t do that”… ‘Parachutes’ everywhere in public corporations and financial sectors

Politicians who took the lead in making President Yoon Seok-yeol moved to public institutions, and the controversy over ‘parachute return’ is spreading in the financial sector as well. It is a breach of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s promise of ‘there is no parachute’, and criticism comes out that it is a personnel without justification. Former Woori Financial […]

Bento finally cried… Tears at Korean coaches’ farewell

Coach Paulo Bento, who led the Korean national soccer team to the World Cup round of 16, left for Portugal on the 13th. After greeting the fans with a relatively bright expression, he ended up in tears as he said goodbye to his Korean coaches in front of his departure hall. Director Bento left for Dubai, […]

Does it even influence the leader’s personnel? Suspicion of owner Jung Yong-jin’s secret power, Kim Sae-eun’s lingering impression of SSG’s championship

While general manager Ryu Seon-gyu, who led SSG Landers’ first integrated championship, announced his intention to resign on the 12th, suspicions are being raised that a person known as an aide to owner Jeong Yong-jin is playing a secretive role. Although they accomplished the feat of winning the KBO League’s first ‘Wire to Wire’, the aftermath […]

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