National Team Drinking Wave, US Fans React?

What do American baseball fans think of the varsity drinking epidemic in a strange country across the Pacific? A team drinking scandal is rocking the baseball world. In March, it was revealed that some of the players who participated in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in Tokyo, Japan, drank alcohol away from the team’s accommodations […]

‘It’s promotion’ stadium raid → rival team scores 2 goals → automatic promotion fails…’pro-Son Heung-min team’ fans go from heaven to hell in ‘6 minutes’

Son Heung-min’s first professional team, German Bundesliga 2 (2. Bundesliga) side Hamburg, had their promotion celebration canceled with just six minutes left in the game. “Hamburg fans stormed onto the pitch to celebrate their promotion to the Bundesliga, but quickly turned red,” the Daily Mail reported on Sept. 29 (KST). Hamburg won 1-0 against Eintracht […]

‘Welcome to Klinsmann’ Welsh Cattlemen’s Association president welcomes Korea “It’s good to play against a quality team”

Jürgen Klinsmann’s national soccer team will face Wales in their first European away game in September. Welsh Football Association President Noel Mooney welcomes South Korea. The Korea Football Association announced on Sept. 29 that it has agreed with the Welsh Football Association to play a friendly against Wales on Sept. 7. The venue will be […]

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