May OPS 0.893…Park’s quest for the big leagues is far from over

Hyo-Jun Park, playing for the Triple-A Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball (MLB), has rebounded in May.

Through today (May 25), Park is 13-for-47 with four doubles, two home runs, a .277 batting average, and an OPS of .893. He struggled in April with 11 hits in 46 at-bats (one double), a .239 batting average, and a .647 OPS, but he rebounded this month and is now batting .258 with a .771 OPS on the season.

Park has been bouncing from team to 메이저놀이터 team since last season. After being DFA’d by his original team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, on November 23rd of last year, he was traded to the Boston Red Sox on a pending release. However, just 20 days later, on December 13th, he was DFA’d again by Boston and traded to Atlanta.

Atlanta then DFA’d him again 12 days later to clear space on the 40-man roster, and with no more teams wanting him, he accepted a Triple-A assignment.

With his status on the 40-man roster changed from major leaguer to minor leaguer, Park wasn’t even invited to Atlanta’s spring training earlier this year. This meant that Atlanta had virtually no intention of calling him up. When Park continued to struggle early in the season, even in Triple-A, it looked like the tables were turning, but he was the one who turned it around.

However, it’s unlikely that Park will be called up to the big leagues anytime soon. With Aji Albies holding down the fort at second base, and the same Triple-A team also having Vaughn Grissom, who has bounced back and forth between the majors and minors, and Brayden Schumaker, the team’s prized prospect, it’s hard for Park to get an immediate opportunity, especially since Grissom and Schumaker are on the 40-man roster, unlike Park.

However, if Park continues to perform well in Triple-A, he could be traded to another team in need of a second baseman or utility player. Here’s why Park needs to keep his May momentum going.

It will be interesting to see if Park can rebound from his struggles from last winter and become a big leaguer again.

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