Song Jeong-cho and Chilgok-cho will meet in the finals

Song Jeong-cho and Chilgok-cho will meet again after the association championship.

Ulsan’s Songjeongcho used its height advantage to defeat Seoul’s Samgwangcho 61-41 in the boys’ U13 semifinals of the 52nd National Youth Games at Ulsan University Gymnasium in Ulsan, South Korea, on Monday.

From the start of the game, 먹튀검증 Songjeongcho took the lead as Jung Baek-ho (183 cm, C) and Cho Jin-woo (180 cm, C.F) dominated under the basket and continued to capitalize on their height advantage.

Samgwangcho was led by Jeong Jeong-ul (150 cm, G) and Na Seung-ri (175 cm, F), but they were unable to overcome the height limitation and settled for bronze.

In the second semifinal, Daegu’s Chilgokcho dominated the match with a level of skill to defeat Cheonan Bongseocho from Chungnam for the first time since the team’s inception, 51-22.

Chilgok’s Lee Do-yoon (167 cm, F), Hong Yoon-ki (174 cm, C), and Kwon Ryul (162 cm, G) all scored in double figures to lead the team to the finals.

Cheonan Bongseocho, who have shown great growth this season, fought hard for the win but fell short.

In the girls’ U13 semifinal at the Ulsan National University of Science and Technology Gymnasium, Chungnam’s Dongshin Choe edged out Busan’s Daesang Choe in a tightly contested 26-24 victory to qualify for the top spot.

The defending champions and strong favorites, Seongnam Soojeongcho from Gyeonggi Province, dominated Mancheoncho from Gangwon Province from the very beginning of the match, winning 50-22 to set up their second title challenge of the season.

The boys’ U13 title will be contested between Ulsan Songjeong and Daegu Chilgok, while the girls’ U13 title will be contested between Chungnam Onyang Dongshin and Gyeonggi Seongnam Soojeong.

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